Our Core Values

Personal Commitment

  • We do the work. SIG will never “out-source” your work to others with less experience.

Flexible Approach

  • We work to meet your needs—not ours. We won’t try to convince you to use a “canned” set of services just because that’s the only thing we can do with of our clients—SIG has a diverse set of skills that will meet your needs.


  • Benefits are always optimized when there is collaborative teamwork. Remember, it’s your project and we need you as an active participate. That doesn’t mean you’ll do the work—SIG will—but we need you to make sure you are always informed.

Client Respect

  • We respect all those involved in the projects on which we work. This includes our clients, their employees, and project participants. We resolutely adhere to the principles ethical evaluation practices (e.g., protection of human subjects, privacy).

To learn more about how we can help your organization, please complete our contact form. One of our associates will personally contact you.